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Heart Language

I never really imagined learning a new language would bring me closer to God. Sure, it's great for you. Great for your mind, great to broaden your horizons, great to grow yourself. But to grow closer to God? We have read books and gone through training so I know that I SHOULD know this. But sometimes you have so much information in your brain that you may process things slower and things still surprise you that shouldn't. >>It's me. I'm this person. :) I know a bit more Spanish now than I did 10 months ago. And it is AWESOME! Hard and frustrating at times....but so awesome. I LOVE when something finally clicks in my brain and I have that "duh" moment. I LOVE when I learn new colloquial phrases and then use them with nationals and they LOVE it and smile so big. I LOVE when I can finally understand movies, or songs, or just have a conversation with someone that I couldn't before. But these are all just scraping the surface. When I'm able to share how God is working in my life, my testimony, or a Bible story with someone in THEIR HEART Now that is a feeling I won't ever forget. I finally understand the comfort and confidence and security of hearing my own heart language (English), and now I get to share God's words with others in their heart language and it makes me so happy. I get to bring them good news in their own space and in their own security. What motivation right?! I just want to go learn ALL the languages now! But, for right now, Spanish is plenty. :)

Even just reading my Bible, in my own quiet time with God, I get to read and study and learn in TWO languages now. It's almost like hearing God twice or like double the amount. I don't know if that makes sense. But I DO know that He is speaking to me now not only through my English translation but also through my Spanish translation and that is THE coolest thing ever. I want this to be a testimony about how awesome God is and how He is working in my life. But I also want this to be a challenge for you! I think EVERYone should learn someone else's heart language. You do not have to be in another country to do this. To be a part of something like this is SO special. How many languages are out there and how many people speak these languages? And how many need to hear in THEIR own language, in THEIR own space, in THEIR own security?

And it's a chance to know God on an even deeper level, through two languages (or more!) instead of just one. To connect with someone. To share with someone.

What an amazing thing.


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