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Welcome to our Rambling Robertsons newsletter! We decided on "rambling" because it means "to walk a path" and it also means "talking or writing in a chaotic way" - haha!

We are following God's path that we feel called to walk and as we update you on our "walk" it might seem a little chaotic at times!

In case you haven't heard, our family has been called on mission to Pereira, Colombia to take the Word to the Chami people located there! We are very excited to step out into this new part of our family's life - BUT we have several steps before we actually get to our field of service.

On January 25th, we head to Virginia for 7 weeks of training. We will return home after that for a week or two to finish saying "good-bye" and to repack luggage. We will fly to Puebla, Mexico for about a year of language learning at a Spanish school located in the city. Finally, after we finish language school we will head to Pereira, Colombia!

We have 10 days left before we leave for training, but have SO much still to do! We are currently quarantining (all orientation members are required to do so) before we leave to make sure everyone stays healthy - so we're limited on what we can do and who can help us.

A few things you can already start praying for:

-that we finish all our packing, putting our house in order, orientation homework, and Mark's current class (all while making sure our kids have enough love & attention from us!)

-that God prepares our hearts and minds (and the hearts and minds of our children) for the training we will receive in the upcoming weeks

-for our families and our home church that are preparing for our transition to leave

that we all still love each other after our quarantine! :)

If you'd like to follow our social media updates you can follow us on:

~Facebook: Commissional Cafe

~Instagram: @commissionalcafe

~Twitter: @commissionalcaf

Till All Have Heard,

The Rambling Robertsons


We are The

Rambling Robertsons!

Welcome to our chaotic ramblings of life!
We are a family of 5 on mission to take Life to the Chami of Pereira, Colombia!

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